Monday, January 4, 2010

From Paris With Love + Blue Stahli

And now a bit of asskickery for you. My 2 songs, ULTRAnumb and Pure And The Tainted slam through the new trailer for the film "From Paris With Love" (from the director of Taken, and written by Luc Besson)! i'm a HUGE fan of Luc Besson and Pierre Morel, so getting to be the soundtrack to their badassedness is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Stahli + Armored

My song "Scrape" is featured in the new TV spot for the movie Armored! Pretty damn excited since this thing is an action thriller starring Laurence Fishburne and Jean Reno. So basically it's Othello/Morpheous and The Professional destroying the hell out of . . . many things.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Un-Broke! Blue Stahli + Rosario Dawson + Samuel L. Jackson = Eff Yes.

i just got word that my song "High Roller Mojo" (from the album Antisleep Vol. 01) will be the theme song to the Prime-Time special "Un-Broke" airing on ABC this Friday, May 29th at 9/8c (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET)!!! Keep listening throughout the whole damn thing because i've also been told that the special will be featuring even *more* auditory assault from me (though i have no clue which songs). The website for the show (which is HERE) describes it as an "unconventional look at the fundamentals of everyday finance with all the facts about credit cards, mortgages, stocks and bonds, investing and 401(k)'s, in a fresh new format combining information and humor." The special features the lovely Rosario Dawson, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Seth Green and more.

And if, by chance, Rosario Dawson happens to be reading this little entry after being overtaken with the sheer sensual ass-shaking beat heavy power of Blue Stahli . . .

Yes, Rosario, i am all kinds of single.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bitch Slap!

-Now THIS is exciting... 'Kill Me Every Time' and 'Scrape' (both from my upcoming album) will be featured in the new movie "Bitch Slap"! It looks like a hellspawned rollercoaster ride of sex, violence and snappy they managed to combine all of my interests into one film. This thing screams 'Tarantino/Rodriguez wet dream' (and i'm actually shocked those guys aren't hiding in the background), but the filmmakers of this might be claiming that throne. This will be one of the *greatest* things put to celluloid.

Here is the Red Band trailer in HD. Your first warning is to prepare yourself, because this is an onslaught of carnal radness and badassery. Your second warning is that if you're unfamiliar with the term "red band", it means the actual *interesting* trailer featuring more sex, violence and saucy language than normal watered down TV trailers. If you are easily offended...why the hell do you listen to this music?]:

Go to the official website HERE and take a look around. This is going to be fun...

-On the new music front...there's a lot going on that i can't wait for you guys to hear! the next song ULTRAnumb was completed just before the end of December and is waiting to be mixed and released to you guys. Another song "Throw Away" just needs some finishing tweaks (that one is more on the downtempo side), and i'm working on something right now with chainsaw guitars, slamming beats, searing synths and should be the equivalent of of drinking 80 bottles of those 5-hour energy drinks. As always, as each song is finished, it gets posted up here and released through FiXT so you can have it "right-freaking-now". There is a LOT of new music coming your way! Stay tuned...


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